Launch of Eurovision 2017!

I am going to kick-start the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest campaign slightly earlier than usual! We will be going back to Kyiv in 2017. I will remember the 2005 contest as my first ever memorable Eurovision experience and the 2005 contest still goes down as my favourite ever. Jamala has brought Eurovision back to Ukraine. The entry was not my favourite last year but the performance was slick and unique enough to stand above the rest. This is Ukraine’s second win and they do seem to know how to do Eurovision very well! I am excited the contest is going back to Kyiv. There will no doubt be a few dodgy English accents being heard but I am sure there will be 100% commitment in delivering another fantastic show. I am sure there will be an appearance from Verka Seduchka who probably has to go down as one of the most memorable Eurovision icons. There will be 43 countries participating in 2017. Portugal and Romania will return and sadly Bosnia & Herzegovina will not be competing due to financial difficulties.

I visited Kyiv in 2014 and the city has much to offer. As usual, I will begin to review and give my opinions on each chosen song. Please feel free to get involved, it is always a pleasure to enjoy the Eurovision experience with others.

Here’s to the 2017 edition and I hope it will be a great one!




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