U.K. Eurovision You Decide – 27 January 2017

So tomorrow is the UK Eurovision You Decide show at the Hammersmith Apollo. I will be attending the show live. I am an X Factor fan so I am happy to see old contestants. I have three favourites – Olivia Garcia (Freedom Hearts), Olivia was one of my favourite contestants from last years X factor and I was surprised to see she didn’t make it through to the finals. I like this song, its moder and a great radio song but I am not sure if this is Eurovision material and I really cant see this scoring to well. Nonetheless, this would be a decent representative. I also like Lucie Jones (Never give up on you), Lucy was my one of my favourite contestants in her X Factor year. This song is nice and pleasant and Lucie does have a very strong voice. Similarly to Olivia, the song may not be Eurovision friendly and I feel this could get lost. My favourite song is Holly Brewer (I wish I loved you more). I do not remember Holly from X Factor but song quality wise this is the best option for the U.K. If Holly can pull this off voacally this has the potential to do great. The stage performance for this song has much potential and the bridge in this is perfect for Eurovision. I hope she can sing this well and I would love to see this performed. Danyl Johnston is also very popular and he has great chances of winning with his song. Saying that I do prefer Joe and Jake from last year! This is wide open! Here’s to a great show.


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