UNITED KINGDOM: Lucie Jones – Never Let Go of You (6/10)

I was present at the UK Eurovision you decide show at Hammersmith Apollo in London. Great venue and great show. Can’t say as much for the judges who I think aren’t best positioned to provide the most realistic feedback. Mel carried the show well as she does. I think the calibre of songs this year was strong. I do think that the UK has made the wrong decision in not choosing either Holly Brewer or Olivia Garcia. Both singers were excellent vocally and the songs were unique/something different from the UK which both had excellent stage presentation potential. This is a shame. Watching back on the show both Salena and Danyls vocals were dire yet this was not picked up by the judges on the night (According to them they did great and that there songs would be perfect for Eurovision. Seriosuly, have they been watching the Eurovision Song Contest!???). Nonetheless, I a m fan of Lucie Jones and I was a strong supporter during her time on X factor. Her style of music is theatre/musical and that does come across in this song and performance. The song itself is nice. I personally think this is not as strong as Joe and Jake last year. Saying that, Lucie should score well with the jury votes which make help UK’s final position. I can’t see this song bagging up many televotes across Europe. Not a bad effort again from the UK. Nice song, nice singer, nice voice. 


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