GREECE: Demy – This is Love (7/10)

Nice to see Greece who were a powerhouse in the noughties taking this seriously again this year. I was pleasantly surprised that Demy was internally selected. Demy is beautiful and an excellent artist. Good to see Dimitris and Fokas front-lining the Greek song choice. Firstly, the other two songs were underwhelming and This is Love was the clear preferred song. Ok, so it is strong, it builds nicely and I love the dance instrumental in the chorus. This song was much needed in this years contest and I think it is a song Greece should be proud to be sending. The song has a strong powerful message which can be translated across Europe. The music video is well produced. There is an element of this song being slightly underwhelming especially after the calibre of songs that have been produced by Dimitris. However, it’s uplifting, makes you want to dance and the performer herself will be able to carry this through strongly. All the best to Greece and after missing out on the final last year, I am sure we will see them back in the final and on the left hand side of the leaderboard once again.


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