1 month to go 

We have one month to go to the first semi final and we now know all of the songs. Overall, I think we all agree that this isn’t the strongest year. From a personal point of view there are very few songs this year which I have been listening too. I can see why Italy are the bookmakers current favourites. The song is catchy and the performance gives it that added boost to stand out. I also think Bulgaria are in with a strong chance this year. Portugal could be another contender but I am not too sure how this will be received. Armenia are overrated for me. Australia are also again in with a strong shout. This is my favourite Australian entry. My favourite entry at this stage this year is Israel by a clear mile. The song is great but surprising to see this so low with the bookmakers! I also like Denmark, Austria, and Sweden. I am sure things will change over the coming weeks ! 


3 thoughts on “1 month to go 

  1. CiaoMario. Hope you are well. Enjoyed reading your blog. I think Italy on the night with the four choristers and the ape of course will have an impact on the event. A clever song, charismatic and who cares if it doesn’t win, Francesco has left it in Italian and I’m happy for that… I agree with your thoughts on Bulgaria and Portugal.
    Cheers Sandro


  2. True Armenia is a bit overrated but I like its ethnic touch. Romania is very overrated. Love Italy, Bulgaria and Belgium. Looking forward for the stage presentation of Greece.

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