Pre final review

So we have now completed both semi finals. Overall the shows have been good. The hosting is no way to the standard we saw from Manz and Petra last year. Semi final 1 result was as expected, I guess the biggest shock was Finland not getting through. Serbia and FYR Macedonia’s failure to progress was not surprising. The quality of songs in the second semi final were much better. I was glad to see Belarus make it through along with Denmark. I was pleasantly surprised with Croatia, this one had slip me by up to now. Bulgaria was powerful and there were excellent vocals. No surprises for me that Estonia failed to get through, the song did not do much for me. I do like Norway but I am surprised they crept through! Although I am not a fan of the Portuguese entry I really hope they do win. It would be great to see the show being held in Portugal after all of these years of trying to win. I still see Italy as the winner but I think Portugal and Bulgaria will be close behind. I predict the U.K. to finish around 15th.


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