FINLAND: Norma – Blackbird (5.5/10)

I was convinced we was going to see Saara Aalto for Finland this year! Jokes aside, well, this is an interesting choice from Finland. I have to admit, this is the best Finnish entry for quite a few years. First word that comes to mind is old-fashioned but it is effective. This will stand out… Continue reading FINLAND: Norma – Blackbird (5.5/10)

UNITED KINGDOM: Lucie Jones – Never Let Go of You (6/10)

I was present at the UK Eurovision you decide show at Hammersmith Apollo in London. Great venue and great show. Can’t say as much for the judges who I think aren’t best positioned to provide the most realistic feedback. Mel carried the show well as she does. I think the calibre of songs this year… Continue reading UNITED KINGDOM: Lucie Jones – Never Let Go of You (6/10)

U.K. Eurovision You Decide – 27 January 2017

So tomorrow is the UK Eurovision You Decide show at the Hammersmith Apollo. I will be attending the show live. I am an X Factor fan so I am happy to see old contestants. I have three favourites – Olivia Garcia (Freedom Hearts), Olivia was one of my favourite contestants from last years X factor… Continue reading U.K. Eurovision You Decide – 27 January 2017

GEORGIA: Tako – Keep the faith (6/10)

Time for Georgia. Georgia are hit and miss for me. One year we have something decent, one year we get something poor. Last years rock number was awful and I have no idea how it qualified last year. On first listen, I actually thought keep the faith was strong and powerful. However, it does begin… Continue reading GEORGIA: Tako – Keep the faith (6/10)

Belarus: Naviband – Historyja majho zyccia (8.5/10)

I bloody love this!!! What a nice surprise from Belarus!! Belarus are one of my least favourite countries in Eurovision. The only notable entry for me was in 2017 with Work Your Magic. However, this has got to be my favourite ever Belarusian entry !! I love the Celtic flavour, the drums, and the feel… Continue reading Belarus: Naviband – Historyja majho zyccia (8.5/10)

Albania: lindita Halimi – BOTE (5/10)

In tradition, Albania gets us underway for the 2017 season. Albania were my favourite country in 2015 with “I’m Alive”. This year’s entry is definitely a slow builder. I believe this does have huge potential. As it stands a lot of work will need to be done for this to be a qualifier. Lindita has… Continue reading Albania: lindita Halimi – BOTE (5/10)

Launch of Eurovision 2017!

I am going to kick-start the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest campaign slightly earlier than usual! We will be going back to Kyiv in 2017. I will remember the 2005 contest as my first ever memorable Eurovision experience and the 2005 contest still goes down as my favourite ever. Jamala has brought Eurovision back to Ukraine.… Continue reading Launch of Eurovision 2017!