Pre final review

So we have now completed both semi finals. Overall the shows have been good. The hosting is no way to the standard we saw from Manz and Petra last year. Semi final 1 result was as expected, I guess the biggest shock was Finland not getting through. Serbia and FYR Macedonia’s failure to progress was… Continue reading Pre final review

IRELAND: Brendan Murray – Dying to Try (7/10)

I have to say the male ballads from Austria, Bulgaria, Australia are all great this year and Ireland is no exception. This is a song which builds nicely and emphatically. Brendan’s high key compliments the melody well. Great music video for this too! This has a shot at qualifying but don’t have too many hopes… Continue reading IRELAND: Brendan Murray – Dying to Try (7/10)

ISRAEL: Imri – I Feel Alive (9.5/10)

Finally found my favourite song for the year and that comes thanks to Israel. That’s 3 years in a row now that Israel are in my top 3. I Feel Alive is such a great dance track and I love the middle eastern influences. He looks great and sounds great. I am baffled as to… Continue reading ISRAEL: Imri – I Feel Alive (9.5/10)

AUSTRIA: Nathan Trent – Running on Air (6/10)

Now this is an improvement and I have to say this is probably my favourite ever Austrian entry. This is contemporary and the music video is beautiful. Chorus is pleasant and catchy and overall the song makes you feel good. This will be a crowd pleaser come May. A simple and slick performance should see… Continue reading AUSTRIA: Nathan Trent – Running on Air (6/10)

LATVIA: Triana Park – line (3/10)

Gosh Latvia this is weak too! Far from what Latvia brought us last year with Just’s excellent electro pop style song. This year’s song is messy and almost a poor effort to reciprocate a Loreen style of song but has failed miserably. This is going to really struggle to qualify from the semi final but… Continue reading LATVIA: Triana Park – line (3/10)

MOLDOVA: Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma

The saxophone is back!!!!!!!!!! Sunstroke Project were my favourite Moldovan entry of all time mainly because of the saxophone guy and it’s a pleasure to see them return but this is so underwhelming, what a shame! This is definitely not as strong as their previous entry which qualified to the final 2010. Uninspiring springs to… Continue reading MOLDOVA: Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma