Pre final review

So we have now completed both semi finals. Overall the shows have been good. The hosting is no way to the standard we saw from Manz and Petra last year. Semi final 1 result was as expected, I guess the biggest shock was Finland not getting through. Serbia and FYR Macedonia’s failure to progress was… Continue reading Pre final review

ICELAND: Svala – Paper (6/10)

I was shocked at Icelands non qualification last year. They have produced something good again this year but it is unfortunate Iceland are in the very competitive first semi final and I think they would have stood more chance of qualification if they were in the second semi final. I also question the live performance… Continue reading ICELAND: Svala – Paper (6/10)

CZECH REPUBLIC: Martina Barta – My Turn (2/10)

I absolutely loved the brilliant “I Stand” last year. Gabriela gave us a great performance, a great voice and great staging and I was so disappointed to see this placing so low. If Gabriela could not score highly then Martina has no chance at all! My Turn is uninspiring and boring to not sound too… Continue reading CZECH REPUBLIC: Martina Barta – My Turn (2/10)

RUSSIA: Julia Smaylova – Flame is Burning (6/10)

Now this is nice and it is captivating to see Julia sing this song and you can’t help but feel slightly emotional when watching this. The chorus is strong and catchy and Julia should gain a lot of support across Europe. Saying that, this has got to be one of the weakest entries for Russia… Continue reading RUSSIA: Julia Smaylova – Flame is Burning (6/10)

MONTENEGRO: Slavko Kalezic – Space (6.5/10)

Montenegro brings the camp to Eurovision this year! The crowd are going to absolutely love this and I’m sure this will be a big crowd pleaser in the semi final. This is actually quite good and decent, it is a feel good, dancy sound track. Montenegro have cleverly combined an ethnic sound with modern day… Continue reading MONTENEGRO: Slavko Kalezic – Space (6.5/10)

BULGARIA: Kristian Kostov – Beautiful mess (8/10)

This is two years in a row now that Bulgaria are in my top 3. Last years entry by Poli Genova has got to be one of my all time Eurovision songs, I loved the song so much!!!! And was glad to see it finish in the top 5. This year I think Bulgaria might… Continue reading BULGARIA: Kristian Kostov – Beautiful mess (8/10)

SERBIA: Tijana – In too Deep (7/10)

And here we have another well produced song from Serbia. The hints of ethnic sound throughout the song make this a great listen! The good thing about this song is that it gets better and better as you go through the song. Great music video too. Definite qualifier in my opinion but may struggle in… Continue reading SERBIA: Tijana – In too Deep (7/10)