Pre final review

So we have now completed both semi finals. Overall the shows have been good. The hosting is no way to the standard we saw from Manz and Petra last year. Semi final 1 result was as expected, I guess the biggest shock was Finland not getting through. Serbia and FYR Macedonia’s failure to progress was… Continue reading Pre final review

ICELAND: Svala – Paper (6/10)

I was shocked at Icelands non qualification last year. They have produced something good again this year but it is unfortunate Iceland are in the very competitive first semi final and I think they would have stood more chance of qualification if they were in the second semi final. I also question the live performance… Continue reading ICELAND: Svala – Paper (6/10)

IRELAND: Brendan Murray – Dying to Try (7/10)

I have to say the male ballads from Austria, Bulgaria, Australia are all great this year and Ireland is no exception. This is a song which builds nicely and emphatically. Brendan’s high key compliments the melody well. Great music video for this too! This has a shot at qualifying but don’t have too many hopes… Continue reading IRELAND: Brendan Murray – Dying to Try (7/10)

GERMANY: Levina – Perfect Life (2/10)

The beginning of this song is very similar to Titanium by David Guetta. Oh Germany! This is even worse than Ghost last year which came last. The big 5 countries are really not impressing for me so far. Nothing special coming out of this years Germany entry. This will certainly fade in the background, picking… Continue reading GERMANY: Levina – Perfect Life (2/10)

U.K. Eurovision You Decide – 27 January 2017

So tomorrow is the UK Eurovision You Decide show at the Hammersmith Apollo. I will be attending the show live. I am an X Factor fan so I am happy to see old contestants. I have three favourites – Olivia Garcia (Freedom Hearts), Olivia was one of my favourite contestants from last years X factor… Continue reading U.K. Eurovision You Decide – 27 January 2017