UKRAINE: O.Torvald – Time (2/10)

Rock, proper rock, rock in a way which I am not a fan. Time for this year’s host entry! This has got to be the weakest Ukraine entry we have had in recent years! Saying that, these kind of rock songs do seem to fair well in Eurovision. I do like the props and costuming.… Continue reading UKRAINE: O.Torvald – Time (2/10)

ITALY: Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma (5/10)

Hmmmm, I think Italy’s song is gathering a lot of interest simply because all other songs are coming in as a lot weaker/boring at the moment. There is in fact nothing that special about this song. Sure it’s a feel good song and I actually think that this will sound much better in English despite… Continue reading ITALY: Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma (5/10)

SWITZERLAND: Timebelle – Apollo (5/10)

Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland …..why do you seem to struggle in Eurovision in recent years !! This years entry just makes me wants to laugh. This is very poor but it’s that poor that I know this will be one of my guilty pleasures this year! There is also something addictive about this. Maybe it’s the… Continue reading SWITZERLAND: Timebelle – Apollo (5/10)